RIOT IN SUNGEI RAMBEI VILLAGE. HYLAMS IN COURT. Trouble Over Dismissed Estate Coolies.

Singapore Free Press 1930.08.28 -10; 1930.09.03 -149



Trouble Over Dismissed Estate Coolies.

(From Our Own Correspondent.)

Malacca, Aug. 27.

At Jasin Court to-day, before Mr. Boyd, 39 Hylams were charged with rioting at Sungei Rambei village on August 19th. An additional charge of causing hurt to a Malay Lance-Corporal is being preferred against three of the men.

Inspector Sullivan, outlining the facts, stated that on Sungei Rambei Police Station being informed a big fight in the village, a Lance-Corporal proceeded immediately to the scene armed with a long gun. On his arrival he saw a crowd of over 100. Stepping from his car he was surrounded and attacked by 10 men, who seized the gun. The Lance-Corporal ran into a Tamil eating shop after being hotly pursued by the mob.

Police reinforcements arrived and arrested 38 men, the last of the accused being arrested some days later.

The Inspector making enquiry into the trouble was informed by the Chinese manager of Lim Joo Eng estate that he had dismissed two coolies. One, however, continued working but was again ordered to leave. The manager visited the village on the day in question and entered a barber shop, but was followed by the last accused, who mentioned his name. When the managed confirmed his name, accused shouted to men outside to enter and assault the manager. Over 10 men entered and levelled blows at the manager who escaped to a neighbouring house.

Dr. Nicholas stated he examined the Lance-Corporal, who suffered abrasions and a lacerated wound on the palm of the right hand and contusions on forehead, fore-arm, and back. In his opinion the wound on the palm was caused during the struggle for the gun.

Lim Joo Hee, the manager, described the assault and identified five assailants. Looking from the window in an upper storey of a neighbouring house he saw a crowd of over 100, each man holding firewood. He also saw part of the crowd seizing the Lance-Corporal’s gun from behind. He stated the last accused signalled by blowing a whistle before the assault.

With the exception of one, all the accused were not in his employ, the last accused being the ringleader.

After other witnesses had given evidence the prosecution closed.

The case was transferred to Malacca for the defence and will open on Friday.

这篇讲的是8月27日于野新 (Jasin) 警庭所举行的审讯,之前已上载过《星洲日报》的报道:


->《星洲日报》说,树胶园管理林裕英 “[在]村中咖啡店小坐,忽見許多工人,擁集其間,突然間蜂擁入店”;不过英文报说,林裕英去的是一家理发店(可知村中当时有一家理发店),被一名工人(带头者)尾随,确认他的身份之后,便吹哨子以示意其他工人进来。


-> 至于《星洲日报》先前在8月22日所作的报道,说海南工人 “當塲被擊斃者二人”,而据云 “有乘大䑩船,由海登岸百餘人,加入助鬭,共有工人五百餘人,起而與槍兵對擊,且工人亦帶有短槍、斧頭、利刀者,故警長下命開槍擊射云”,似乎是以讹传讹。若说英文报为维护殖民政府的利益,而隐去有二人被警察击毙的新闻,尚可理解,但没有理由也不提到持各种武器的五百余名工人。


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